You Must Know, Requirements Before Updating To Latest iOS Version On iPhone

iPhone is the most loved phone and users’ first choice when anybody thinks of switching or upgrading their phone. The popularity of Apple’s iPhone cannot be described in words. Due to its immense popularity, last month, Apple successfully launched its new iPhone 14 series in the global market and introduced four phones in the series. iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

Plus, it introduced a new Dynamic Island feature for its Pro and Pro Max smartphones. Basically, it is a pill-shaped notch that shows notifications, connected devices, call duration, and music albums, and you can control music albums and much more.

As you know, Apple provides five years of updates to its iPhones and iPads. But do you know there is an updating requirement also, which is very much necessary for updating your iPhone to the latest OS? Otherwise, your phone will not be updated. 

And to make you informed, In this article, we will discuss the requirements which are essential for updating, and you must know so that you can get the update without any issues.

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How To Check For Updates: 

Open Settings> General> Software Update.

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi connection; probably, you cannot update over cellular data or a cellular hotspot, or you may face an issue. 
  • Check whether you do not have a beta profile installed from a previous version.
  • Turn off Low Power mode.
  • The battery should be charged at least 50%.
  • It should have 6GB or more free storage space so that updates can install smoothly. 
  • If VPN is On, then turn it Off.
  • Keep your phone plugged in until updating completes so that downloading and installing the update may not be interrupted. 
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