You Must Know 6 Features Of Apple Notes App

Note App is the most helpful app if we know the features of the app, what this app can do for us and how it can make our life easy and creative. If you have an iPhone, iPad or any other Apple device, then you can expect more from it because it offers more features and abilities than any other OS. 

Note app is basically the best thing for remembering something and saving passwords, making lists, and saving frequently used images for instant access, which you often write in your diary, that you can write in your Note app.

The interesting thing is, you can write in your handwriting also, and save it for future access, you can draw a picture and do a lot of other things which you like. To make your Apple note more useful, here in this article, we will discuss some useful features of Apple notes that you probably don’t know.

1. Add Attachment Files

You can add any type of file in your notes app and can easily access it, such as photos, maps, links, documents, and more. You can even Scan paper documents with the built-in document scanner and save them in your note app. After saving, whenever you require the file, simply open the note, and you get it. 

2. Create Checklists:

This is the most helpful feature of the note app, making a list of grocery items, a wishlist, to do list, and more. After buying or doing, you can mark the check by tapping it so that you can easily identify what you have done or purchased and more. 

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3. Make table:

Making a table is very much difficult if you do not know how to do it and if you are required instantly to do some important work. But with the Apple note app, you can do so too easily and in a fast way. You can quickly make a table and organize the information that you want. And can add or remove tables, resize tables and more. 

4. Writing And Drawing:

Exploring your creativity and don’t want to type but want to write, everything is possible with an Apple Note app; you can write via finger, Apple Pencil (iPad). Change the colour of the pencil, and more. If you want to draw your imagination on the note, you can easily do that, also. 

5. Search For Text 

This is the most amazing feature of the Apple notes app, in which you can easily search for any type of text which is stored in your notes app. Whether it may be your handwriting or it may be inside scanned documents and photos like receipts or bills which you have saved in a note. 

6. Share and Mention your friend

If you have stored some important information, link or image and more, you can directly share it with your friend and link the note with you and your friend both. 

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