WhatsApp Set to Enhance iPhone Experience: Soon You Can Share Music Audio During Video Calls

WhatsApp is back with a new beta update for iOS users. The brand, with this update, delivers a new feature named – Share music audio – and video calls. 

WhatsApp is offering a new feature by which the users are getting the ability to share music audio during a video call, so now they can easily share music audio without the need to disconnect the ongoing video calls. 

The update has arrived with its own identification build number, which is v23.25.10.72, so the users can easily identify the update. However, for now, the update is in the developing stage and is only available to some lucky beta testers. 

The company is working on a new feature to permit the users in the call to listen to video and music audio at the same time while someone shares their screen. With the help of this feature enabled, audio played on a smartphone will also be shared with other people in the call, introducing a more immersive and audio-visual experience. 

Also, it is not compatible with voice calls or during video calls with video disabled. This feature will surely enhance the users’ video calling experience. Also, it will improve the sense of connection among users while a video call along with the screen share option is available. 

For now, the update is in the beta stage, but soon, the brand will roll out the update to all widely. For now, interested users can get the update through the TestFlight beta Program. 

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