Google Is Paying 36% Revenue In Search Deal To Apple

It was reported that Google has signed an agreement with Apple in order to become the most profitable search engine across all Apple devices.

Google has been secretly involved in a search deal with Apple, alongside the company paying billions of dollars to Apple.

Bloomberg reports suggesting Google is paying 36% of the total revenue to Apple, earned by searches conducted on Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The US Department of Justice investigated Google’s search deals case and found that the company owns the search.

Even the main lawyer of Google remained awestruck when he heard the revenue data, as it was all meant to be kept very confidential.

Google joined hands with Apple to become the default search engine on Apple devices a few years ago in 2002, with Apple earning tons of money with this deal.

This search deal case is expected to last until the end of November.

If Google fails to get an antitrust lawsuit, it will lose its search deal with Apple.

If the Google and Apple search deal is broken, Apple will have to offer users the option to choose a default search engine while set up, rather than Google as their search engine.

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