Apple Introduces Five New Features To AirPods Pro 2

Apple launched its next-gen AirPods Pro 2 last year with several interesting functionalities, delivering more convenience to the users.

Apple has announced a major update, taking its wireless earbuds to the next level, by introducing 5 new features to its Gen two AirPods Pro.

With iOS 17, AirPods Pro 2 gets 5 new features, including Adaptive Audio, Conversation Awareness, Mute or Unmute, Personalized Volume and Automatic Switching.

Adaptive Audio: This new feature dynamically blends the Active Noise Cancellation and the Transparency mode as per the user’s environment to deliver the best experience at the moment.

Conversation Awareness: Through this feature, AirPods Pro 2 will automatically reduce your volume while enhancing the voice of people speaking in front of you.

Mute or Unmute: This feature works surprisingly well during calls, allowing you to mute yourself during any call through your AirPods.

While you can press the mute button again in order to unmute, without having to take out your phone from your pocket.

Personalized Volume: It automatically tunes the media experience depending upon the machine learning to understand surrounding conditions and the user’s listening preferences.

Automatic Switching: This feature lets you easily switch between Apple devices.

Furthermore, Apple says that the “connection time between a user’s Apple devices is significantly faster and more reliable”.