VPN Issue After Ventura Update In macOS: How To Fix It?

Recently, Apple released the latest Major update macOS Ventura (MacOS 13), for its MacBook’s, iMacs, and Macs. With this update, MacOS 13 brought many new features like buttery smooth connectivity between MacOS and other Apple devices. Plus, it has also added the ability to use the iPhone as a web camera or webcam. Other than this, many improvements have been made in FaceTime, iMessage, Safari browser, Game center and more. 

Suppose we talk about the updated eligibility then, MacBook and MacBook Pro devices that were released in 2017 and after that will be eligible for this newest macOS 13 update. Other than this, For MacBook Air and Mac mini devices in 2018 and after that, and for Mac Pro in or after 2019. 

This year the company also officially released iOS 16 for iPhones and iPads on September 12, 2022.

As per a report, some of the users of MacBook Pro 14″ are facing issues with VPN after installation of this update in many ways. For them, we have made this article, in which we have discussed a few tips by which this issue can be resolved. Many times this happens because of poor internet connection, VPN app crashing, Slow VPN protocol, and Poor transmission control protocol. 


  • You can re-install the VPN app. 
  • Change the location of the VPN. 
  • Change the VPN setting. 
  • Check the Wi-Fi router. 

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