Uber Eats Finally Launches iOS Widget After Two Years

After launching Live Activity Support in December last year, Uber Eats has finally come up too late yet a valuable update, bringing its first iOS widget. 

Although it’s ambiguous why the company has taken three years for an Uber Eats widget, nevertheless it has delivered and it seems quite convenient. 

Uber Eats iOS widget comes in small and medium sizes and offers quick access to the restaurants or merchants search bar, your top-ranked locations as well as recent orders. Uber Eats narrates its first iOS widget, here’s how:

  • Wth the new Uber Eats iOS widget, consumers, especially Eats power users, can easily access their recent orders from restaurants and merchants, faster and even easier than before. 
  • View highlights of your past orders to easily reach your top-ranked restaurants and merchants, or quickly access the Uber Eats search bar for your next meal. 

 It’s worth noting that, now the new Uber Eats widget is available and the macOS Sonoma users can easily install the Uber Eats widget on their Mac. Whereas the Uber Eats is free to download from the App Store along with the new widget rolling out globally. 

In addition, the Live Activity feature for Uber shows an animation of your ride or the delivery progress. For example, for an Uber ride, you will notice a basic progress bar, which shows how close you are to your destination and also your estimated drop-off time. While, the drop-off time adjusts on the basis of your actual estimated time of arrival to determine things like traffic and other reasons causing delay.  

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