Twitter Premium Discount for iPhone Users: Here’s How to Get It?

It’s been a while since Musk rebranded Twitter as “X,” with several interesting features and enhancements coming to the platform since then. In the sequence, recently, “X” rolled out an interesting audio and video calling feature for its users. So now, the users will be capable of doing audio and video calls within the application. In contrast, this popular social media platform also offers its subscription service, “X Premium,” delivering all the premium and exciting features to its subscribers. 

However, there are several users who think that the prices they are paying for the subscription are more than usual and want those features along with blue checkmarks cheaper, resulting in saving some extra percentage in the total cost. While trying to purchase a premium plan from the X iOS apps, the prices were shown as $114.99 a year, whereas $11 a month. But buying the same subscription plan directly from Twitter it costs $84 per year and $8 per month, which is about 28% cheaper.

Meanwhile, there’s a huge price difference as the App Store charges 30% subscription fees to the App developers while making in-app purchases or buying apps. This is because Apple can easily handle all the payment backend, anchor the apps, and also provide a platform for the distribution of the applications. Hence, they deduct all the app sales and subscriptions from the app developers.  

How can iOS users get X premium at a lower price?    

Do note that you don’t have to use the X app to purchase the subscription service; rather you should use a web browser on your PC or iPhone in order to get all the premium features at a cheaper price. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to in a web browser on your iPhone or Mac.
  • Click your Profile picture and select Premium.
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  • Choose I am an individual and click Subscribe.
  • Here you can clearly see that it is cheaper for both Annual and Monthly plans. 
  • While the yearly plans further provide you a 12% discount on comparison with the monthly plan. Choose your desired option and tap the Price button.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions in order to complete the payment within the checkout page. 


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