Top 5 Most Downloaded iPhone Games All Time

If you own an iPhone device, you will never be bored. Whether you are looking for a relaxing experience, an epic open-world adventure, or a port of one the most famous video games of all time, you will always be satisfied as you will find some or the other thing that you will love on your Apple device. 

Thankfully, the iPhone is your perfect buddy, as the App Store has a number of uncountable games that will help to keep you entertained on the go, preventing you from getting bored regardless of where you are. In contrast, if you are looking to play some exciting games on your iPhones, here we have got you the complete list of the best-downloaded games of all time. 

Top Most Downloaded iPhone Games Of All Time

Candy Crush

With over 3 Million ratings, Candy Crush Saga sits at the top of our list. This is the most amazing game that includes several interesting features. Being a candy puzzle game, it offers trillions of levels to be played. All the levels within the game range from easy to hard for adults to enjoy and are easily accessible on the go, whether you are playing online or offline. The Candy Crush Saga provides several sugar-coated modes, including target mode, clear the jelly, collect the ingredients, and order mode. You need to plan your moves by just matching 3 or more candies in a row, using certain boosters very wisely in order to tackle the extra sticky puzzles. 

Subway Surfers

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Beginning your K-pop journey and unlocking the most adventurous world of Seoul, run as fast as you can, dodge the oncoming trains, and help the in-game characters Jake, Tricky, and Fresh escape from the grumpy inspector and his weird dog. The distinctive features of this game include colorful and vivid HD graphics, hoverboard surfing, paint-powered jetpack, lightning-fast swipe acrobatics, challenge and help from your friends, and much more.  

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja comes in third position on our list and is an addictive fruit Ninja action. Regardless of how you like to play, its free version is highly packed with several features to satisfy your fruit-destroying appetite. There are three modes: challenge yourself to see how long you can last Classically, set a high score in Arcade mode, or practice your fruit-slicing skills in Zen mode. You can also test your master skills within the game and win daily prizes in the daily challenge event. In addition, you can go head-to-head and showcase your talent of ultimate fruit slicing against your friends with the leaderboard and local multiplayer. 

 Clash of Clans

Enter the world of Clash by joining millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan wars. The Skeleton Park is a new Clan Capital district with indestructible barriers. Features of this game include you can easily create chaos and destruction in your enemy’s districts with the help of a new Graveyard spell, push your opponents a step backward with two new and unique defenses, namely, the Mini-Minion Hive as well as Reflector, customize your own player house and earn Capital Trophies within Clan Capital Leagues, collect exclusive Hero skins and scenarios to customize your village in your way, and much more. 

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Honor of Kings

This is yet another of the best-downloaded games on an iPhone and the world’s most-played mobile game. Honor of Kings offers an ultimate competitive experience on the phone. You can plunge into the battlefield together with your friends, choose from unique heroes along with their amazing skills, and enjoy the ultimate fun of fierce team battles. Within each battle, a team of five players advances across three lanes with the goal of knocking down no towers and destroying the enemy’s crystals to claim victory ultimately. To play this you are only required to have team work and skill level, and that’s only matters the most.


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