How To Share Wifi Password On iPhone with QR Code? Step By Step Guide

At times, there are certain situations when we share our Wi-Fi passwords with our family, friends or any guest who has arrived in our house, when they will ask you to share your Wi-Fi password, there’s a complete chance of you to forget your password and trying to remember what’s it or reading out the complicated string of numbers, letters, as well as symbols. 

In fact, you could always note it down on a sticky note, and point it to your guests so that they can connect to it easily, still it’s not the perfect solution as the person will get confused in some hard-to-read characters such as “o” or 0. 

However, for those whom you have trust upon, Apple offers a seamless and convenient built-in solution to quickly and securely share your Wi-Fi password using a QR code. Apple has a built-in app called Shortcuts, which allows users to easily create a Wi-Fi QR code and then share it with their friends or family.

How to share Wi-Fi password with a QR code on iPhone?

Here’s the entire procedure that will guide you on how you can share your Wi-Fi passwords with a QR code on your iPhone.   


  • An iPhone running iOS 13 or later
  • The Shortcuts app installed on your iPhone

Create a QR code shortcut:
a. Open the Shortcuts app.
b. Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner to create a new shortcut.
c. Search for “QR” and tap on the “QR” action.
d. Tap on the “Text” field and enter your Wi-Fi network name (SSID).
e. Tap on the “+” icon and select “Add Text.”
f. Enter your Wi-Fi password.
g. Tap on the “…” icon and select “Show in Sheet.”
h. Tap on the “Done” button to save the shortcut.

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Generate the QR code:
a. Open the Shortcuts app and tap on the “My Shortcuts” tab.
b. Locate the shortcut you created and tap on it.
c. The QR code will be generated on your screen.

Share the QR code:
a. You can share the QR code by taking a screenshot and sending it to the person you want to grant access to.
b. Alternatively, you can show the QR code directly to the person’s device. They can use their device’s camera to scan the code, which will automatically connect them to your Wi-Fi network


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