Resident Evil 4 Emerges from the Shadows onto iPhone, iPad, and Mac

In Apple’s iPhone launch event in September, the company raised the curtains from the latest iPhone 15 models. It stated that the iPhone 15 Pro models, iPhone 15 Pro as well as iPhone 15 Pro Max, will come incorporated with the latest A17 Bionic Chip, and the most prominent aspect, which stole all the limelight of the event, that the current iPhone 15 Pro models will have the support of a completely developed AAA capability that can only be found on the certain gaming consoles. At the same time, the AAA titles demonstrated in the event, the Resident Evil franchise, took most of the attention and highly attracted the audience. 

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Resident Evil 4 Release date:

Meanwhile, the release date of Resident Evil 4 has been revealed by the Resident Evil franchise and is going to be available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, respectively, on 20th December. However, it’s worth noting that the users who have been using Apple devices equipped with Apple’s most powerful gaming processor, the A17 Bionic chip, will be able to experience the latest edition of Resident Evil. 

Moreover, the Resident Evil 4 compatible devices include iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPad models running the M1 chip or later, and Mac devices featuring the M1 chip or later. Whereas Resident Evil 4 will have a free demo allowing gamers to experience the most popular survival horror game on their respective supported device. 

The Resident Evil 4 iPhone 15 Pro Price details:

Along with covering the separate DLC pack, the entire game costs USD 59.99. Compared with the cost of the Resident Evil Village game, which was priced at USD 39.99, the current Resident Evil game’s price point is much higher.  

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Nonetheless, Capcom, who has designed it, has claimed that the Resident Evil 4 will have Universal purchase support. In other words, once you have purchased the game on any of your Apple devices, you will be able to play it on each of your supported Apple devices.

Resident Evil 4 Playstation and Xbox controller support: 

In addition, the latest edition of the Resident Evil game for iPhone will arrive with the entirely customizable on-screen touch controls. The Resident Evil 4 game will also have the support of PlayStation as well as Xbox wireless controllers in order to provide a more intuitive and seamless gaming experience. 

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