Lost Contacts On iPhone: How To Restore Again?

In past years, we have been very much concerned about losing the contact stored in our phones because a few years before, transferring contact was not as easy as it is now. But now technology is now more advanced and fast. And the problem of losing contacts ended. Now contacts of our phone are now can be synced with our Email ID. and if you hold an iPhone, then stored in iCloud storage. But for this method, your iCloud sync should be turned on; only then will you be able to access your contact and take it to the new iPhone. 

If you have upgraded your phone to an iPhone a find that the contacts did not come to a new iPhone, then don’t worry. You can try these below methods by which your contacts may get you back. 

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Visit iCloud.com, Then, Follow Below Steps:

  • Go to Account Settings, then click Restore Contacts in the Advanced section.
  • Click on Restore.

Note: Do not tap back until iCloud finishes restoring your contacts. Downloading may be interrupted, and there are chances of losing it.

Whenever you buy or upgrade your iPhone, turn on iCloud sync so that all your stored data can be backed up, and whenever you switch your phone, your data will be recovered easily to the new phone. 

If you are still facing issues in getting your contact back, then probably, your contact is not synced with iCloud becauseiCloud sync was not enabled. Due to this, contacts are not saved, and you lose all your contacts. 

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