iPhone’s Advanced Security Settings You Should Change

Sometimes, some users invest in an expensive iPhone, thinking that all their data is highly protected, their phone will be safe, and even if it is stolen, the thief cannot take anything from them, so they are wrong. It is true that if someone steals your iPhone or it suddenly falls out of your pocket, and someone finds it, they cannot unlock your iPhone no matter what. However, there are some tricks that thieves can use to make your iPhone entirely theirs. A thief can not only change your Apple ID password but can also steal your bank account password. Here is a small solution with which you can make your iPhone more secure, although this process is not 100% secure. 

The Dangers of iPhone Security Breaches: How Thieves Can Compromise Your Device and Data

So the first thing that an outsider can do is whenever that person gets your iPhone, they want to access each and every detail of your iPhone. The phone is locked, and that person doesn’t know the password. On the other hand, when you see the password of your iPhone and type your phone password in a public place, and by chance, if someone is following you and you know the password, take your shoulder, look at it through the camera, sit down, and record video. So, in that case, he will know the passcode of your iPhone. After this, he can forcefully snatch your iPhone from your hand, and if he steals your iPhone in any way, your phone comes into his hand so that he can ban your phone here, and you can get a small Remedy to save your device. 

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On the other hand, now, if your iPhone has been unlocked by the snatcher, he will directly go to the settings of your iPhone. After opening Settings, you can enter your Apple ID at the top. The person will tap on your Apple ID and then go to the Password & Security tab. Now, here, he can tap on the Change Password option. Since he already knows your iPhone’s passcode, he can quickly enter your iPhone’s passcode. From here, you can change the password of your Apple ID. Change your Apple ID password and your Apple ID name by re-entering New here.

Similarly, here, he can also change your trusted phone number. That can change the method of account recovery and much more. After this, your Apple ID will be locked entirely, and you cannot find your iPhone through Find My from other devices. Apart from this, even if you get your phone back, you cannot unlock it. For this, the thief can go to Face ID & Passcode, enter your passcode here, change the passcode here, and after that, again, you will be locked. Not only this, he can also access the apps on your iPhone.

Protecting Your iPhone: How to Secure Your Passcode and Prevent Unauthorized Acces

The Remedy to the above-mentioned problem is, first of all, don’t let anyone see your passcode, and if the person has seen it, keep the passcode in such a way that if the person only sees it with the eyes rather than recording a video, at least he will not remember it. 

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings.
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  • Go to Face ID & Password and enter your passcode here.
  • Scroll down and tap Change passcode.
  • Now, enter your passcode again.
  • Under the passcode options, set up a custom alphanumeric passcode where you can keep a combination of capital letters, small letters, and numbers.

But if the thief records the video, then,

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Go to the Screen time option and tap to turn it on.
  • Then tap on This is My iPhone option.
  • Here, tap on the Screen time passcode.
  • You can set your Screen time passcode. Remember that this passcode should be different from the previous one.

Some basic things that you need to remember are:

  • You don’t have to provide access to the Passcode changes.
  • For that, put your Screen Time passcode here.
  • Tap on the Don’t Allow option. Now, no one can change your passcode.

It’s the same as you have to do with the account changes option.

  • For that, on the same screen, tap on Account Changes.
  • Tap on the Don’t Allow option.

Now, by doing these settings, when you return to your iPhone’s main Settings screen, you will notice that your Apple ID is greyed out, which means no one can open your Apple ID and can’t even change your Apple ID’s password. However, you will not be locked out from your Apple ID, and you can find your phone through Find My. Similarly, if you scroll down, you will notice that the Face ID and passcode option has been removed from the Settings. In other words, no one can change your FaceID and passcode. The passcode you have set will remain on it. 

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Whereas you can also do one thing: since your iPhone contains several critical applications like financial apps, to not provide access to the credentials on your phone, you can set the Screen time limit of your desired application. 

  • So head to the Settings.
  • Go to the Screen time option.
  • Tap on the App limits option.
  • Then select Add limits.
  • Now, here you can choose your Productivity and Finance apps.
  • After adding limits, all your financial applications have been locked. It can’t be unlocked until you enter the screen time passcode.

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