iOS 18 Rumoured To Feature ‘Major’ Changes To Control Center

The forthcoming Apple operating system, the iOS 18, is expected to be introduced at the WWDC keynote in 2024. Apple is busy shaping up the latest software with the most “ambitious” iOS refinements and improvements. According to some reliable sources, the newest iOS 18 update will feature several latest functionalities, and the iPhone Control Center could be one of them. 

Ahead of the official release, certain rumours that have started spreading all around consist of exciting new features and some “Major” revamps and tweaks. Alongside the performance and stability improvements, Apple is rumoured to bring a Major tweak within the Control Center with iOS 18. 

With that, Apple could make the Control Center even more customizable and redesign the menu buttons and other system functions after many years of minimalistic changes. Still, it’s yet to see the exact changes that might occur within the Control Center, if any. But it’s not yet clear whether Apple will make the change to iOS 18 or not.

In addition to the Control Center rumours, Apple could bring several other improvements and features along with iOS 18, including generative AI improvements in its virtual assistant Siri, making it an intuitive and advanced AI assistant, and it could be Apple’s biggest update ever for iPhones. 


iOS 18: Release Date, New Features, and Supported Devices

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