iOS 18: Rumors, Features, and Everything You Need to Know

Apple’s next operating system, iOS 18, is still a lot of months away from being introduced. Nevertheless, a few rumors have already started spreading.

 A lot of expectations have been associated with what exciting Apple will bring along with iOS 18 next year. 

Apple should potentially introduce iOS 18 at its annual developer conference, WWDC, next year, and the brand is going to roll out the newest operating system to all iOS users who have an eligible iPhone by September.

 Here are all the rumors and known features arriving with iOS 18 next year for all iPhone users. 

As already stated by Mark Gurman earlier this month, Apple’s forthcoming operating system will be the most groundbreaking update so far in the iPhone’s history.

 The newest update will include the most important features and design, although there are no specific details about what exactly iOS 18 is packed with. Still, the senior management of Apple has described the latest iOS 18 as being the most Ambitious and Compelling. 

More intelligent Siri

To begin with, the most prominent feature that is going to arrive with iOS 18 is generative AI. With that, Apple’s digital assistant, Siri, is going to get an intuitive revamp. 

Getting much smarter, Siri will be incorporated with Large language models or LLM, allowing users to easily perform the most complex tasks. 

In the meantime, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that the brand has been working on bringing generative AI for years now, and with a lot of research on it. 

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Enhanced Texting and cross-platform support

With the recent announcement of bringing RCS chat capability for iPhone users, Apple is going to significantly improve the texting standards with Android users.

 In other words, Apple will now support the cross-platform messaging capability in the Messages app on the iPhones. So, it can be assumed that the RCS chat feature will be an iOS 18-based feature. 

The RCS feature coming to iPhones will include audio messages, typing indications, Reading receipts, high-resolution photos and videos, enhanced encryption, and more since most of the features are already there in third-party messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Telegram. 

In addition, the RCS support will provide a much better iPhone-to-Android texting experience and will certainly expand this feature to Green bubbles within the built-in messaging app.  


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