iOS 18 Expected Features You Should Know

Taking the most advanced operating system to a whole new level, Apple is all set to refresh its OS with a brand new interface, the iOS 18. Earlier, users have seen the iPhone 15 series, which comes with many impressive features and enhancements. Apple has also launched iOS 17 with it. While the iOS 17 just entered, a series of leaks and rumors about the upcoming OS have already started prevailing across the internet. Although there’s a lot that Apple can improve in its next OS iteration, here are all the expected features and enhancements users can expect from the forthcoming iOS 18.

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Apple iOS 18: Expected Launch Timeline

Apple is very strict with its OS launch timetable and always releases the latest OS update by September. So, it’s expected that Apple is going to release the iOS 18 during its WWDC event in 2024. 

Apple iOS 18: Expected Features

Here are some features that are expected to come in iOS 18:

More intelligent Siri:

Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, needs to be updated, although Apple does claim to make it even smarter every year. According to some leaked reports, Siri is highly expected to get certain upgrades, packing new and enhanced functionalities, better multitasking along with voice-based commands, and more. It’s been a while now. Siri has been highly critisized by the users for not delivering properly developed features and lagging behind other assistants like Google or Alexa. So, Apple must work on Siri in order to improve its functionalities.

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The Control Center needs to be redesigned:

For a long time now, the Apple Control Center has been looking the same, being very bulky. Also, most of the unwanted toggles can’t be moved around or can’t be removed, which is very annoying. So, Apple should work on redesigning its control center with iOS 18. 

More enhanced Maps & Navigation:

Apple Maps update will lead to an even more immersive and detailed navigation experience. It will be useful that the interface of Maps offers better visuals, which include several 3D landmarks and much-improved route information. Other features, including 360-degree viewing of certain selected locations and better transit directions, should be enhanced. 

Much improved camera:

Apple always tries to make its camera performance better and more likable. Users have already witnessed certain camera improvements that have been made within the iPhone 15 series’ pro models this current year. With the tetra prism camera that supports up to 5x optical zoom, LOG video shooting, and enhanced portrait mode, users can now capture RAW as well as ProRes media through the built-in camera app. 

More functions to be added for the Action button:

The newest addition of the Action Button within the iPhone 15 Pro models has literally surprised the users as this tiny customizable button can be personalized to make our accessibility quicker and easier. Users can easily access their frequently used apps, set an alarm, open the most used functionality, and more. However, it only supports one action, that is, pressing and holding. So, it’s highly expected that this tiny and useful Action Button should be upgraded, and several more functionalities must be added so that the users can perform even more tasks. 

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An option to update AirPods:

Apple’s premium earbuds, the AirPods, receive updates frequently, but there’s no such option to get those updates within the Settings app on iOS. Now, with iOS 18, users can easily update their AirPods with the force update feature, allowing them to download and install the latest update the moment they connect their AirPods to a charger and place them next to their iPhone. 

Better Health & fitness features:

Apple has taken a big step forward toward health and fitness features in recent times, and it’s highly expected the upcoming iOS 18 will bring more new and advanced health and fitness features. While the rumored features include easily tracking your health and fitness goals more accurately and effectively, a better sleep tracker, advanced heart rate monitoring, and other essential activity levels. 


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