iOS 17.2: The 7 Most Exciting New Features for Your iPhone

Amidst the announcement, Apple had already rolled out the first beta of iOS 17.2 to developers and public beta testers in the previous week. From an all-new Journal app to bringing the rainbow text within the contact posters, this newly launched software update comes with a number of new features and enhancements for iPhones. Here, we have thrown a spotlight on the 7 interesting features that are being brought up by the iOS 17.2 update. 

iOS 17.2, arriving later this year, is expected to go live publicly in December. Meanwhile, Once this update is available, you can install it by heading to Settings >> General >> and then Software Update.

iOS 17.2: New Features For iPhone

Apple has packed the latest iOS 17.2 update with 7 new features, including Apple’s new Journal app, translate option for Action Button, new Widgets (weather & clock), Apple Music: collaborative playlists, favourite songs playlists, as well as listening history focus filter, iMessage Contact key Verification, sticker reactions through a tap back menu, emoji’s new customization options, and contact posters rainbow texts. 

#1 Apple’s New Journal App

Apple has transformed its Journal application, a very long-awaited update, and now it will allow iPhone users to note down their entire day’s memories, post a picture or a video, music, make their entries with voice recording, add location tags in order to add an entry to a specified location, and more. The app also suggests several personalizations with regard to your recent on-device activity.  Read More… 

#2 Action Button Gets a Translate Option

Apple’s current iPhone 15 Pro models are equipped with a tiny customizable Action Button, a significant replacement for the traditional mute switch on the previous iPhones. However, the Action Button is currently designed to set the iPhone to switch between ring and silent mode. Still, it can even be customized to perform different actions, such as quick access to cameras, flashlights, voice memos and more. 

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Meanwhile, with the iOS 17.2 update, Apple has transformed the Action Button and added a new Translate option within its interface. The Action Button will now be able to allow iPhone users to access the language translations within Dynamic Island quickly. 

#3 New Weather & Clock Widgets

Now, with the iOS 17.2 update, a new Home Screen as well as Lock Screen widget options for the weather and clock apps have been added. The new Weather widget options are Sunrise & Sunset and Daily Forecast, while the Clock app’s new widget option now includes a digital clock widget.    

#4 Apple Music: Collaborative Playlists, Favorite Songs Playlist, & Listening History Focus Filter

  • Collaborative Playlists

Now, within a shared playlist, users will be able to add multiple people, reorder them, and remove songs using a new Collaborative Playlists feature of Apple Music.

  • Favorite Songs Playlist

With iOS 17.1, Apple announced that Apple Music users will now be able to favourite songs very easily just by tapping the star icon in order to get improved recommendations. But now, with the iOS 17.2 update, by further enhancing this feature, users will now add their favourite songs to a new favourite songs playlist. 

  • Listening History Focus Filter

The new Listening History Focus filter toggle has been added within the Apple Music with iOS 17.2. When you have turned this feature on, then the other person’s song choices will not affect all your recommendations. 

#5 iMessage: Contact Key Verification and Sticker Reactions via Tapback Menu

  • Contact Key Verification

In addition to the abovementioned features, Apple has also introduced the Contact Key Verification feature within the iMessage. This is basically an opt-in setting for iMessage, particularly designed to get an automatic alert when an unverified device is detected. When you turn on the Contact Key Verification feature, you will receive a notification if a malicious identifier, somehow or the other, succeeds in breaking into the cloud data server and trying to read your conversations. 

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Although this feature uses key transparency to turn on an automatic verification, the iMessage key distribution service returns logged device keys to a verifiable as well as auditable map.  

  • Sticker Reactions via Tapback Menu

iOS 17.2 allows users to react even more quickly to any message containing a sticker by tapping the Add Sticker option in the Tapback Menu within the Messages app. 

#6 Memoji: New Customization Options

With the iOS 17.2 update, Apple has added a new Body section for the Memoji. This will now allow users to be able to customize their Memoji character’s body, waist, bust, shoulders, and arms.   

#7 Contact Posters: Rainbow Texts

Beginning with the iOS 17.2 release, along with several other options, Apple has now added a new and interactive rainbow-coloured text option for your name while setting up a Contact Poster within the Contacts app.


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