Apple iOS 17.2 Will Bring Relief to Users Experiencing Wi-Fi Problems

Since Apple rolled out the iOS 17 update for its iPhone users, several users have reported annoying Wi-Fi issues such as dropped connections. It seems like Apple has acknowledged the issue and has found a fix to the issue, which is included in iOS 17.2 beta.

Meanwhile, when Apple rolled out the iOS 17 update a month ago, initially the feedback from iPhone users was very positive, but this positivity was soon replaced by frustration as users encountered a slew of Wi-Fi connectivity issues. There were several reports regarding rough performance, lost connections, and slow data speeds while connecting to the Wi-Fi network that started pouring in like rain.

After acknowledging certain reports that were filed in order to get some solution to the problem, Apple has now claimed positively by saying that the issue has been fixed in another iOS 17.2 version. While iOS 17.2 is currently in its beta phase and is only available for developers as well as public beta users, The brand states that the Wi-Fi connectivity fixes are included in this latest beta.

Apple quoted that the iOS 17.2 public rollout is expected to reach everyone before the end of 2023, so users shouldn’t have to wait for a much longer time before getting hands on the Wi-Fi bug fixing update. While software updates inevitably fix some bugs, Apple’s fast bug-fixing turnaround in iOS 17.2 is reassuring.

Apple committed that, “As a result of your feedback, there are software changes in the latest update, build 21C5029g, that have resolved this issue. You can see the software build your device is running and check for the latest update by tapping on Settings > General > Software Update”.

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