How to Use an iMac As a Gaming Monitor?

The iMac is a powerful Apple-designed device offering a very user-friendly interface. At the same time, if you are looking to enjoy much interactive gaming on your iMac along with a bigger display, thankfully, you can do it by turning it into a gaming monitor, which will offer you a next-level gaming experience. 

This guide will look at an interesting feature that several iMacs have. It’s neat because it provides some extra usefulness and life to a computer that has become older and otherwise unsupported by Apple. Apple called the feature the Target Display Mode, and it can seamlessly allow an iMac to be used as a monitor for gaming purposes for another computer. However, this mode perfectly suits the 2009 27-inch iMac, which offers a great 2560×1440 display resolution. 

Furthermore, it seems like there are two iterations of Target display mode. The first works for the 24 and 27-inch iMac models from 2009 and 2010. This version requires a display port cable from the iMac to the other computer.

The second iteration of the Target display mode was on iMac models from 2011 to 2014. This version required a connection between two computers using a Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 cable, which is perfectly fine for connecting between Max of that area because they had Thunderbolt connectors but won’t work for any computer that doesn’t have a Thunderbolt 1 or 2 port, making it very difficult to connect it to any computer you wish a PC particularly if it doesn’t have a Thunderbolt Port. 

Here, we have presented the steps to use your iMac as a gaming monitor using the target display mode. 

  • Just take a mini DisplayPort cable.
  • Plug it into the back of the iMac.
  • After plugging the DisplayPort cable into the back of the iMac.
  • While taking the other end, plug it into the computer you wish to use the iMac as a display.
  • Here, you can use any demonstrator and plug into it.
  • Now that your iMac has been plugged in, you must turn the computer on.
  • And then your iMac turns up automatically, and now you can enjoy impressive and visually appealing gaming on your iMac.
  • Additionally, if you want to switch back to the iMac, simply press the Command+F2 shortcut keys on your Mac keyboard.      
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