How To Turn Off Blue Light On iPhone 15 Pro Max?

iPhone 15 lineup is Apple’s most recent and current smartphone that features several new and interesting functionality and enhancements. In contrast, the blue light, which is generally emitted by smartphones’ screens, could be very harmful and dangerous at the same time. 

Though everything seems to be very beautiful in the blue light of our iPhones, it has significantly received a lot of focus, which needs to be avoided as much as possible. Apart from this, there are several reports that state that blue light that is emitted through smartphones’ screens is dangerous for health and can adversely affect an individual’s sleep. 

In addition to affecting several health conditions, several researchers also state that there are several negative effects of blue light, including it can easily pass through our cornea and lens and reach towards the retina, can cause diseases like dry eye, cataract, macular degeneration, it even stimulates various brain functions, destroy the hormonal balance and more. 

How do you turn off the blue light on your iPhone 15 Pro Max?

At the same time, the iPhone 15 Pro model offers the capability of turning off the Blue light, giving your eyes a relaxing break. You can easily turn this feature off by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, enter the Settings app on your iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • Scroll down to Display & brightness and simply tap on it.
  • After entering into the Display & brightness tab, scroll down and tap on the Night Shift.
  • Here, tap on the Manually Enable until tomorrow toggle to turn it off.
  • This will drastically disable the Blue light on your iPhone.  
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