How To Silence Text Notifications On An iPhone For One Person?

All of us have that one annoying friend who somehow manages to send a number of texts in a constant manner when we are busy or at work. Perhaps, you don’t wish to talk to them at the moment, or you will talk to that person until later. Maybe they are very annoying, and hence, regardless of any specific reason, it’s easy in case you want to silence text notifications for a specific person on your iPhone.

Therefore, if there’s any specific person in your texting app and you don’t wish to get message notifications from that individual, then in this situation, iPhones have a built-in feature that allows users to silence or mute text notifications for any specific person.  

In the meantime, the best thing about this built-in feature is that the person whom you have silenced won’t get the notification, and you can stay away from the message notifications flooded with unwanted messages. 

The Hide Alert is a built-in feature within the iPhone’s Messages app, which allows users to make sure that they won’t receive any unwanted text notifications. Hence, in this guide, you can quickly silence text notifications on your iPhone for any specific person.

How To Silence Text Notifications On An iPhone For One Person?

When you silence any text notification from any specific person on your iPhone, you will not get any notification from that individual by the time you unmute that person again. However, the messages from that person will still be visible when you visit the app, and you can read what they are saying if you wish to.  

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Now, here are the steps that you need to follow if you wish to silence message notifications from a certain person on your iPhone:

  • Then, open the message of the person whose message notifications you wish to silence.
  • Click on the person’s icon at the top.
  • Tap on the Hide Alerts toggle to turn it on.
  • Once silenced, you will notice a slashed bell icon next to the person’s message thread to whom you have muted.  


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