How to Recover Disabled Apple ID?

Apple always ensures that it can provide its users with all the best possible privacy as well as a well-equipped, secured environment across all its devices. This allows users to fearlessly get involved in their respective workflows without worrying about their security.

In the same context, there are a few situations when you just forget your Apple ID password and are locked out of it. This can happen when you are trying to enter an incorrect password in a number of attempts, and at the same time, it’s not possible for us to fluently remember all the passwords.

In the meantime, it could be possible that someone is trying to hack your Apple ID and trying to enter passwords a number of times. Amid the user’s security reasons, Apple has a built-in technology that automatically locks or disables your Apple ID if you or the hacker have made a lot of incorrect password attempts.

For your Apple account security, Apple will lock or disable your Apple ID automatically in case you have made a number of incorrect password attempts. When your Apple ID is locked or disabled, Apple will send you a few messages, including:

  • “You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons.”
  • “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.”
  • “This Apple ID has been blocked for security reasons.”

How Do I Recover Disabled or Locked Apple ID?

So if you are locked out of your Apple ID or it has been disabled by the brand following some security concerns, you can choose to follow the following steps in order to get back or recover your Apple ID:

  • In a browser, go to
  • Now enter your Apple ID email in the box.
  • Follow along with the on-screen instructions to recover your account.
  • If you are having any trouble recovering your account, you can just contact Apple Support at 800-APL-CARE (800-275-2273), or you can also chat with an Apple agent.
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Do note that you need to update your Apple ID password across all your Apple devices after changing it during the recovery process.


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