How To Get Text Message Back In iPhone, Which Is Accidentally Marked As Junk

As you already know, the iPhone 14 Series was released, and it is a hot trending topic among users. However, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 series are identical in design, with only major new Dynamic Island features. Basically, Dynamic island is a pill shape cut-out on the front display with shows, notifications, and other details.

As the title of this post describes, in our daily life, we receive so many messages daily. And sometimes we also get annoyed with it. And by that, we mark it as junk, or instantly we delete the message. We hope you have also faced the same and marked an important message as junk in your iPhone. 

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If you did the same, then you do not need to worry about it; first of all, we would like to inform you that marking it as junk does not affect your incoming messages; you will still be able to receive the message that you have marked as junk until you block the contact.

But sadly, there is no way to get it back up to our concern because when you tap on report junk, senders details along with messages sent to Apple. And messages are deleted permanently from your iPhone.

So if you accidentally did it, then either wait for the next message or ask a particular person or company to resend the message. So that you could get back your message; in all, getting carefully near the Junk button is more good than losing something.

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