How To Get iPhone Activation Date?

Sometimes we are required to know the activation date of our phone. But we don’t remember, and we don’t know how we can know this then; this post is for you. Mostly every smartphone company offers one year of warranty on their devices. By this, we can know whether our phone is under warranty or not without an invoice. 

Other than this, we can know how much we have used our Device in total since its purchase. iPhone comes in one of the premium phones, and users are very much concerned about it. In mid-September, Apple also released iPhone 14 series, which is a hot topic for critics, YouTuber bloggers, reviewers and more. 

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Now, if you have an iPhone, then you can easily know the activation date of your phone by simply following a few steps and hopefully, this method works on all your iPhones. 

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on mobile data
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • There You Will See Two Options.
    • Current period
    • Lifetime 

With both options, you can easily know how many days are over since when you have activated your Device. 

But now, there is a little twist in this method; this method will only be correct if you have not changed your carrier or SIM, reset your Device and reset statistics on your Device. If you have done then, it will show you, since the date, you have done any of three options.

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