iOS 17: How To Delete A Wallpaper On Your iPhone?

With the latest iOS 17, users have noticed several new features as well as changes within the existing features, including the introduction of Contact Posters within the Phone app, the Live Voicemail feature, a new NameDrop, enhancements within the FaceTime calls and more, which were appreciated by all the iOS users.

At the same time, we have already seen that with the release of iOS 16, Apple overhauled the Lock Screen and Home Screen design in order to make it much better and customizable, allowing users to perfectly personalize as per their preference, from changing colour and style to locations and look of your preferred widgets on their iPhone’s wallpaper. 

In the same context, in recent times, users can easily create wallpapers for both the Home Screen as well as Lock Screen on their iPhones. In the meantime, iOS 16 also introduced a wide range of built-in wallpapers, allowing you to import the images as well. 

If you are wondering how you can delete the wallpaper combinations on your iPhone running iOS 17, then you must read the entire guide to know more. 

How To Delete A Wallpaper On Your iPhone Running iOS 17?

Following the steps mentioned below, you can easily delete a wallpaper on your iPhone:

  • On your locked iPhone, Long press the side button.
  • Now, unlock your iPhone.
  • Then, long press on the Home screen.
  • Being there on the screen, swipe left or right and see the existing installed wallpapers. 
  • Now select the one you wish to delete.
  • After that, swipe up and tap on the Delete icon.
  • Confirm the deletion process by selecting the Delete this Wallpaper option when prompted.
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