Final Cut Pro Receives Powerful New Features on Mac and iPad This Month

Final Cut Pro New Update: Apple officially announced the updates to Final Cut Pro across Mac and iPad, offering new and powerful features that will help streamline workflows, according to Apple. Final Cut Pro for Mac provides new and simplified tools for creators and more optimizations for Apple Silicon. At the same time, on Mac, the Final Cut Pro brings new features for further enhancements within the multi-touch editing experience. 

Final Cut Pro on Mac brings an automatic timeline scrolling feature, allowing editors to keep their clips in view and vigorously adjust their timeline view while performing playback using the Zoom option or Keyboard shortcuts.  

Editors can easily view organizations at a glance, and it will be much easier for them to differentiate clips by assigned roles using distinct colours. It will now allow editors to work more efficiently by instantly removing complex timeline sections and fine tuning edits by combining overlapping connected clips into a single connected storyline. 

While on Apple Silicon Macs, reporting projects in H.264 and HEVC will be much faster than ever because Final Cut Pro can simultaneously send video segments to an available media engine for further processing. 

The newest update to Final Cut Pro for iPad offers a more powerful set of equipment for video creators so that they seamlessly record, edit, finish, and share all the content from just a single device. This will feature new Voiceover capabilities that allow creators to easily record narrations and live audio directly in the timeline with the iPad.  

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Furthermore, Stabilization within the Pro camera mode will help users to improve shaky videos for smoother ones, and there are certain new enhancements for combining connected storylines. Meanwhile, editing is much faster through new keyboard shortcuts for voice overs as well as grouping clips.   

In addition, the newest version of Final Cut Pro will hit the App Store sometime later this month, and it’s going to be free of cost for existing users. For Mac, the Final Cut Pro is priced at $300; for iPad, it is $4.99 per month or $49 yearly.


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