Best Scary Games For iPhone and iPad 2023

When you want to lift up your mood and want some scariest goosebumps, you can always opt for some great latest or your favourite horror movies. However, even the scariest movie doesn’t allow you to participate in its horrifying action as the horror games do. While being an active participant in the game, you can easily get to experience the scariest adventure of the game much better. 

The horror category is very evergreen. Although the basics always remain the same. Still, a number of changes can be made in order to make the style fresh. Here in this article, we have tried to include several different categories and varieties of some of the best scary games offered by Apple, which can be lived and played on your iPhone as well as iPad. 

Best Scary Games for iPhone and iPad 2023

Here’s the list curated for some of the best scary games:

Play Dead’s INSIDE (From the creators of Limbo)

Playdead’s INSIDE is a dark, unique, adventurous game with a solid combination of intense action and challenging puzzles. It’s an Apple design award winner, which has received critical praise for its art style, ambient and narrative background sound, and never-settling atmosphere. In this game, there’s a small boy who’s alone and finds himself in the centre of a dark world and wishes to escape from there by solving the puzzles. 

Very Little Nightmares

The Very Little Nightmares is yet another puzzle adventure game that has a unique mixture of both cute and creepy universes. There’s a small girl in the yellow raincoat within the game who gets stuck in an aggressive mansion, and users need to find a way to rescue her. You need to guide her in every single room, which is a strange place where each little thing wishes to see her die. Save the little girl by exploring life-threatening traps, challenging puzzles, and surviving the frightening enemies that will do every possible thing to kill the small girl.   

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Five Nights at Freddy’s

You are appointed as a security guard to do a night shift at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, where parents, along with their kids, come for some entertainment and food, of course. In fact, the centre of attraction is Freddy and his two friends. Then you must keep an eye on the security cameras in your small office very carefully. With very little electricity due to the Corporate budget cuts, when you run out of power at night, you will no longer be available with security doors and lights. If there’s something not going wrong, then definitely it’s Freddy and his friends behind this situation, and if they are not in their respective places, by also protecting yourself, you need to find them through the monitors. 

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a scary journey through a unique zombie apocalypse in a hurry in order to save your family through these deadly zombies. Take the protection of some powerful weapons and do everything that’s needed for your survival. With some exclusive story, this ghostbuster world includes 7 action-packed chapters, 60 stages as well as hundreds of threatening challenges. By moving further and accomplishing every single chapter, protect yourself by unlocking weapons, firearms, explosives and much more. 

Alien: Isolation

In this game, there’s a mother named Ellen Ripely who, before leaving the Earth, has promised her daughter that she will soon be back home to celebrate her daughter’s 11th birthday, but Ellen has not fulfilled her promise. After 15 years, Amanda, who was Ellen’s daughter, found that the ship in which her mother was there had been recovered successfully. She then takes her step forward to solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance. Most prominently, this is a truly breathtaking horror adventure, and in this game, you will need all your daring as well as strong willpower in order to get out of this game alive.         

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