Apple’s Vision Pro: Retail Staff Set for Specialized Training Ahead of Highly Anticipated Launch

Apple Vision Pro: Bloomberg’s most recent reports state that Apple is gearing up for the retail launch of its latest headset, the Apple Vision Pro. It’s been reported that the mighty Cupertino electronic tech manufacturer, Apple, has secretly begun to schedule the training sessions for its Vision Pro for the retail staff, and the brand has started sending the tools that will be required to manage the latest Vision Pro during its launch somewhere in early 2024.

As the Apple Vision Pro is around the corner, reports have been suggesting that Apple has already begun to schedule a significant two-day training session for Vision Pro headsets for its retail employees.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will select a few retailers from each Apple Store in the US to attend training sessions in California for the Vision Pro headsets. After the training, these employees will return to their respective Apple Stores and provide training to the rest of the staff, as the setup process for the Vision Pro is complex.

“These seminars are getting scheduled now, and training is set to begin in the middle of January. Each employee will be trained for two days, I’m told. It’s a high-stakes endeavor: The Vision Pro’s setup process is going to be complex and not something Apple wants to screw up.”

However, the reports further illustrate that Apple Stores will be getting the new equipment needed to assemble and box up the Vision Pro headsets soon. This significantly indicates that customers will be required to take their Apple Vision Pro headsets from the Apple Stores even if they have ordered them online.

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Furthermore, Gurman reported a few weeks ago that initially Apple hoped that Vision Pro would be live somewhere in January, but the brand might also miss that deadline. But the most recent reports suggest that Apple could launch the new Vision Pro headsets before March 2024, in case there’s no further unexpected delay.


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