Apple’s Journal App In iOS 17.2 All You Need To Know


  •  Apple is rolling out iOS 17.2 beta 1; for now the update is only available for the developers.
  • The update has brought dozens of new features, improvements, and changes. 
  • Here’s what’s new in the Journal app with this update. 

Apple, a couple of weeks ago, introduced its iOS 17 along with the iPhone 15 series. Now, the brand is rolling out iOS 17.2 beta 1; however, for now, the update is only available for the developers, but it is expected that soon the brand will make this beta update available to all. The update has arrived with many new features, changes, and improvements for dedicated functionality and applications. Here in this article, we are discussing what’s new has arrived in the Journal app with this iOS 17.2 beta 1. 

Apple’s Journal App In iOS 17.2 Beta 1 

With iOS 17.2 Beta 1, the Journal app is totally renovated. The first noticeable fact is that now the Journal application does automatically install with iOS 17.2, but technically, it is available on the App Store, so the users are getting the ability to download it. The only condition for downloading it is they must have iOS 17.2. In this scenario, if they don’t have so, they can view the listing and check it out for themself. However, for now, this is available on iPhone, and in future, this could appear on iPad and Mac. 

More Privacy 

The first thing is that while opening the Journal application, the users will see that it is protected and locked by face ID or passcode, so as per convenience, the users can set it up. Now, in the journal app, everything is just protected. Also, it will suggest some recommendations for more privacy within the app. 

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Different Types of Media 

With the iOS 17.2 beta 1 update in the Journal app, there are some different types of media for enhancing the user’s experience; now, the brand has added new actions; for instance, while tapping on the pictures, the users will get a nice full-screen view. Jumping on the audio option, however, does not get too many new changes. It just permits the users to play it back and forth, whereas the prompts will suggest more photos along with text. 

Now, at the top right corner, there is three-line menu button, within that, five options:

  •  All Entries
  •  Photos
  •  Recorded Audio
  •  Reflections
  •  Places.

 Each option will perform its dedicated functionality. For instance, for all entries, just those with images added, the users can view discs that have recorded audio pieces, able to change the date or custom date and many more. Basically, with this update, the journal app became more user-friendly, so the users can easily get access to the options and get more controlling power.


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