Apple’s iPhone and watch design head to depart in February: Report

Apple head of iPhone as well as Apple Watch design is going to take an exit from the company. According to reports shared by Mark Gurman, Tang Tan, who is the head of Apple’s iPhone and Watch head and has significantly worked on certain Apple devices, including the iPhone, Watch, and Apple AirPods, is leaving the company soon.

Gurman states that Tan’s sudden departure could also signify that Apple is, perhaps, moving members here-there in order to fill in the holes within its design teams. Whereas, Tang Tan has updated about his departure to John Trenus, the SVP of hardware design of Apple, who then headed the information to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook

The reports further added that the departure of Tang Tan as the vice president of product design at Apple firm in February, will definitely leave a number of senior roles open to a few representatives. However, Apple has not given any immediate response to the comments by Reuters. 

On the flip side, Richard Dinh, who currently provides all his reports to Tang Tan and is the leader of iPhone product design, could receive an extended role and he will potentially start reporting directly to Ternus. 

Furthermore, Gurman also illustrated that the hardware engineering executive who is the leader for Mac teams, Kate Bergaeron, will be taking the design responsibility of the Apple Watch. This report significantly denotes that Apple is gearing up to some more leadership changes within the company in next coming years.      


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