Apple’s iOS 17.2 Beta 1 Released, New Features And Changes

Apple introduced iOS 17 a couple of weeks ago, and now it is rolling out the first beta of the forthcoming iOS 17 .2 update, along with dozens of features. With this beta update, the brand is offering lots of new features, improvements and changes to enhance the user’s experience at their convenience. 

However, for now, iOS 17.2 is limited to developers; it is expected that the brand will release it to public beta testers, maybe in November or December. Let’s take a close look at what’s new has arrived with iOS 17.2 Beta 1.

Apple’s iOS 17.2 Beta 1 New Features And Changes

iOS 17.2 beta 1 brings lots of new changes, improvements and features to the Journal application, so now the users are getting the ability to record their daily activities and thoughts, with Apple providing optional prompts. A Journal entry can be added by clicking on the “+” button within the Journal application, and from there, one can choose a suggestion as the basis for their writing or just opt for “New Entry”. 

The next noticeable change iOS 17.2 beta 1 has arrived with is now the users can long press on any chat bubble in the Messages application to add a sticker response, which serves as an alternative to a tapback reaction. The brand, with this update, is offering an ability to create a playlist in Apple Music, which various people can add to. Now, the songs which the users have favourited in their Apple Music Application get aggregated into a Favourites Playlist. 

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The brand is providing a Focus Filter for the Apple Music Listening History feature. Now, if the users want to allow someone else to use their device to listen to music, they can easily activate this to turn off the Listening History so their song choices would not affect their recommendations. 

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max users are getting the ability to choose a new Translate option for the Action Button. The ‘Messages” section in iCloud in the Settings application has been renamed to “Messages in iCloud”. Now it will display the total amount of storage which messages are taking up, the number of messages synced to iCloud, and the time of the last sync. The users are also getting the “Sync Now” option to force an update. 

The Apple TV app has removed the separate tabs for Movies and TV shows, which were placed in the Store section of the Apple TV app on the iPhone and the iPad. Apple is also offering a new “Local Awareness” option, which can be turned on. Weather widgets and Digital clock widgets also get improved with this update. With the contact poster, the users can select a rainbow-coloured text for their name while setting up a Contact Poster in the Contacts app, and more new changes have arrived with this update to enhance the user’s experience as per their convenience.


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