Apple’s Cutting-Edge Tech May Allow Updating Box-Packed iPhones Wirelessly: Here’s How It Works

You might be familiar with the fact that, recently several iPhone users were severely facing overheating issues on their devices. So in order to fix the overheating issues, Apple has released a software update and now the company is planning to offer the latest OS update, under the hood, for new iPhones packed in sealed boxes.

In recent times, several iPhone 15 users suffered with an overheating issue, though that was resolved later by the company with a software update, putting an extra effort on owners of new devices to download and install the newest patch. However, there’s a new “proprietary pad-like  device, allowing Apple stores to install the latest software update on the handsets without even requiring them to open the box.

This sounds slightly daunting, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reveals the details in his newsletter, as a new system that Apple will be able to use that will make sure that the iPhone buyers can ensure having the most latest iOS version installed without requiring for immediate post-purchase updating. 

Gurman says:

“The company has developed a proprietary pad-like device that the store can place boxes of iPhones on top of. That system can then wirelessly turn on the iPhone, update its software and then power it back down — all without the phone’s packaging ever being opened. The company aims to begin rolling this out to its stores before the end of the year”.

Interestingly, it’s a very nice step by Apple, as users will not have to worry about updating their iPhones to the latest iOS version in order to fix the bugs. Nevertheless, the new system also raises concerns. If Apple is able to develop a device that can power up an iPhone, install software, and power down again, the biggest question is what’s to stop someone else from copying the system?

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Meanwhile, no doubt there will be some strong security, ensuring that such new systems are neither abused nor copied. However, it’s important to note that Apple hasn’t said anything publicly about this new updated system yet, so any concerns or praise can really be nothing more than speculation at this stage. But it certainly seems like an idea that can be both a blessing and a curse.

An Apple Store rollout is being planned before the end of the year, though there won’t be much longer to wait to see how it works in the real world.


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