Apple Watch Ultra Prototype Hints at a New Era of Design with Black Ceramic Back

Following the images revealed by the FCC, the Apple Watch Ultra’s design is totally different from the traditional design of Apple Watch models that the brand follows in its respective generations. With the addition of a titanium body, the design includes a flat glass that covers its display, reinforced buttons, and most prominently, a grey ceramic back that matches the aesthetics of the titanium finish.

However, there might be the possibility that the change in the color of the ceramic back was a decision taken by the brand at the last moment.

In the meantime, an X user, Parrot (@ParrotSWD), noted that the Apple Watch Ultra images shown by FCC look very different from their final version. While the percussion model that’s sent to the FCC ahead of the launch sports a black ceramic back, similar to other Apple Watch models, Not only that, as it can be seen in the pictures, the design of the watch’s action button differs from the final version of the Watch Ultra. Even the buttons seem to be made of plastic rather than metal.

Although at the moment it’s very difficult to claim exactly how early the Apple Watch Ultra percussion model has been compared to the final version, Nevertheless, it will be very exciting to see that Apple has decided later to redesign the Action Button and also change the color of the ceramic back.

It’s worth noting that Apple doesn’t send any percussion models to the FCC, as the brand requires permission from the regulators months before launching a new product.

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