Apple Vision Pro launch reportedly delayed to March 2024

A couple of days ago, it was reported through several sources that Apple is going to begin the shipment of its first-ever VR headsets, the Apple Vision Pro, which is set to go live in the US by early 2024. Now, several reports are coming out that suggest that Apple’s Vision Pro launch has been delayed further in the US. 

As per the latest news by Mark Gurman, the brand has reportedly pushed the launch of Apple Vision Pro headsets to March 2024, which was earlier scheduled to launch in early 2024. Apple is said to be further polishing and optimizing the visionOS, which is the operating system that provides power to the headset and has been refining the software so that the users can experience a strong and reliable performance while keeping Vision Pro’s hardware and the design the same.   

Apple introduced the Vision Pro headsets at the WWDC keynote, which was held in June, and with that, the brand has also given a broad schedule for its release, claiming that these will be available to users by early 2024. However, it seems like Apple has pushed the release date further, probably due to some equipment that will be prepared at the end of the development cycle.  

Although Apple officially announced that the Vision Pro headsets will be going live for users to purchase in the US early next year, the Apple Vision Pro will initially be available only in the US along with some international regions and is timelined for later 2024.   

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It was also reported that Apple is set to make its VR headsets available at $3,499, exclusively on its websites or by taking appointments in the Apple Stores. With that, the brand is focusing on a convenient revelation of Vision Pro headsets, and the brand-new headsets will not be purchased through retailers other than Apple’s official website and Apple Stores. 


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