Apple Reveals Why Siri-Enabled Health Data Access on Apple Watch is Limited to Two Models

The latest version of the Apple Watch operating system is out now! The Cupertino giant Apple officially released the latest version of watchOS 10.2 for Apple Watch users, which is packed with new features and technologies. One of the most prominent features within this update is Siri, which can now be able to access and record various health app data. 

Apple officially confirmed that the brand would be adding significant support for Apple Watch users so that they can access and record Health App data through Siri, which is going to be announced at a special Apple event. In the meantime, Apple has given the statement earlier that this latest feature is going to be live by the end of this year, and now it has made its promise.

Meanwhile, the ability to access and record health data is currently limited to only two Apple Watch models, the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 respectively. Apple explained the reason for the feature limitation to only two Apple Watch models as these were the first Apple Watch devices to handle requests locally on the device having low latency. 

Deidre Caldbeck, the senior director of product marketing for Apple Watch and Health Apps, in an interview, stated that the brand is trying to increase the reach of Health data as accessible to more people as possible. 

Caldbeck stated, “A big focus of ours is making health data easily accessible,” So we think this feature will definitely get us closer to that goal.”

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At the same time, Caldbeck also laid emphasis on the reason behind the delay that Apple took in adding health features to Siri, which was due to the fact that the brand wished to do it in a proper and secure way so that the privacy of the users could stay protected. 

Furthermore, at the time of launch, Caldbeck claimed that more than 20 Health App data types will be available to access health data through Siri, and now Caldbeck further added that more health data types will be added in the future. 

“We’re always looking for ways to improve and enhance functionality. So we’ll definitely continue to explore Adding more data types and providing more access to our health features through Siri.” 

In addition, this integration of health apps with Siri is currently available in the US and Mandarin (Mainland China). However, Apple states that more availability will be added in the future, and there’s no specific schedule.

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