Apple Promotes Upcoming “Scary Fast” Event on Twitter with #AppleEvent Hashmoji

After a series of speculations in recent times regarding a possible Apple announcement in the coming days, the brand recently confirmed that it will conduct a very special event on October 30th to raise the curtains from the new Macs. This event has been given the title “Scary Fast” and will be broadcast online this upcoming Monday. At the same time, Apple is thrilled and has already started the event’s promotion on “X” with a special #AppleEvent hashmoji.

Meanwhile, the hashmoji, as it’s been called, is a smaller version of the animated Apple Logo displayed on the “Scary Fast” event webpage. As noted by @Hashmoji, the new icon can be seen here on X and will be displayed whenever users make a post that contains the hashtag #AppleEvent. 

Apple’s latest event visuals frequently lack clarity regarding the topics that are to be covered in the presentation. At the same time, the official Apple event webpage features an animated version of the Apple logo, which turns into a scary Finder face. This inclusion of the Finder logo on the vent webpage essentially confirms that the users can expect new Macs to be unveiled next week. 

It’s interesting that this latest event will be broadcast exclusively online without an in-person gathering, meaning the press will not be present at Apple Park. The brand will broadcast the presentation live on its website, the Apple TV app as well as YouTube. This special event will be taking place on Monday, October 30th, sharp at 5 PM, P.T.  

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It’s worth noting that Apple previously held events focused on introducing new Macs in the months of October and November, which matched up perfectly with the existing schedule. Also, there are several rumors that both the iMac and MacBook Pro are getting an upgrade, probably with a new M3 chip.

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