Apple Music Collaborative Playlists Now Allow Emoji Reactions in iOS 17.3 Beta

With iOS 17.3 beta, Apple introduced a new safety feature, the Stolen Device Protection, which significantly helps to improve users’ security as well as privacy. In addition to this new safety feature, Apple has brought back the Collaborative Apple Music Playlists feature with iOS 17.3 beta, which will allow users to create their own playlists with their friends, family, and others who have almost similar musical taste.

In the meantime, Apple earlier stated that the brand is bringing the Collaborative Apple Music Playlists with the previous iOS 17.2 beta respectively, but soon after Apple significantly removed the feature from the iOS 17.2 betas, and by updated its official website in order to showcase that the feature has been delayed to next year. 

A new emoji icon will now appear next to the name of the song while it is playing from a collaborative playlist. Alternatively, tapping on the “+” icon will offer you several emoji options to choose from.  

On the flip side, this new feature allows users to collaborate on a particular playlist to offer emoji reactions. Whereas you can easily add an emoji reaction, to do so just play a collaborative playlist and then while the song is playing, tapping on the music player you will get the emoji interface.


Apple Rolls Out Stolen Device Protection Feature in iOS 17.3 Beta

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