Apple May Launch Affordable MacBook to Compete With Chromebooks

As competition increases in the affordable PC market with Google’s Chromebooks and several other entry-level Windows laptops, Apple is believed to be planning to compete in this segment. According to the latest reports, rumors of a low-cost MacBook have resurfaced. 

Apple is developing low-cost MacBook models to compete with Google’s Chromebook models in education. However, the rumored Macbook lineup is expected to go live as soon as possible in the second half of next year. 

Meanwhile, all the major manufacturers, including Samsung and Google, have their notebooks much cheaper as compared to the cheapest MacBook, and now Apple has a notebook that will give competition to Chromebooks. Hence, Apple can fill that empty slot in order to offer users choose low-cost laptops. Although Apple’s low-cost MacBooks have been in rumors several times concerning Apple’s Custom M-series chips. 


The most prominent Apple analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, states that Apple credits the significant decline in MacBook shipments in 2023 primarily to the very limited M2 computing chip upgrade. This is the reason that Apple might consider launching the MacBook Pro model with M3 chips while its production volume is lower instead of continuing the shipment of the MacBook Pro with M2 chips.

The Cupertino giant believed that the M3 chips should probably offer a much more prominent boost in computing power. However, Kuo thinks that if even the M3 chips can’t help boost MacBook shipments, a completely redesigned MacBook Pro could be introduced in 2025. In addition, Apple has not yet decided but may consider introducing more affordable MacBook models to boost shipments with an approximate goal of 8 to 10+ million units per year. 

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Also, Apple recently offered its “Scary Fast” event invites, taking place on Monday, 30th October. The brand is highly expected to announce the new M3-powered MacBook Air MacBook Pro, as well as an all-new iMac with a redesigned stand. Probably, Apple may also surprise us with a lower-priced MacBook. 


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