Apple to Unleash Generative AI with iOS 18, Paving the Way for a Smarter iPhone Future

In the recent past, Artificial Intelligence or AI has been an important matter of speech. Several big tech brands, including Google, have already introduced a glimpse of AI in their devices. At the same time, Apple has been trying to implement its generative AI to match up with companies like Google and OpenAI

Amidst the introduction of AI by several other brands, certain reports suggest that Apple has reportedly planned to introduce generative AI with its next operating system, iOS 18, for iPhone users.   

iOS 18: The Power Duo Behind Generative A

Earlier, there were reports that the development of Generative AI within the iOS 18 was under two vice presidents of the brand, and both were named as the “executive sponsors” of AI. Jeff Pu, who is an analyst at a Hong Kong investment firm, stated that Apple is going to introduce generative AI on the iPhone as well as the iPad later in 2024. 

Jeff Pu’s reports further suggested that Apple has been reportedly working on building almost 100 AI servers in 2023, whereas the number might increase in the coming year. This is due to the brand planning to offer a cloud-based AI to the users. Apple might be looking forward to implementing generative AI in a number of applications, including Apple Music, which might receive automatically generated playlists, whereas other apps like Keynote might feature automatically generated slide decks.  

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In addition, as a part of such intuitive innovations within AI, it’s possible that Apple might spend a staggering amount of $1 billion per year on it. 

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