Apple Freezes iOS 18 Development, Could Delay iPhone 16 Release

As per the latest reports by Mark Gurman, Craig Federighi has made a very rare call and decided to pause the development work for Apple’s latest iOS 18 so as to focus on fixing certain bugs. He has decided and claimed that the company is currently focusing on providing debugged software as well as improved performance.

However, the next iPhone iteration is around the corner and about a year away. Still, Apple has a lot to do with the latest software and the currently arising issues regarding bugs and other improvements might impact what’s upcoming and when it’s scheduled to come. However, at the moment, the brand might not be postponing the release. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the coming months. 

Pointing out certain hardware details of the iPhone 16 series, Gurman claims that the next iPhone will come with sporting similar hardware components as the iPhone 15, alongside new intuitive software that will play a very crucial role. And if so, then this unwanted break within the development work of the next-gen iOS 18 is worth the while, as there are already some rumours of an additional button on the iPhone 16 Pro Max. 

Meanwhile, this temporary break has not happened for the first time. On the flip side, it can’t be claimed that this current delay for the removal of glitches and bugs will impact the release of the next iPhones, as at the moment, this few days’ pause will not noticeably postpone the mesmerizing release of the software as well as the next iPhone iteration. 

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Apparently, at the end of the development cycle, Apple will have a very short time period in order to remove the glitches that might occur at the very last moment. Apart from this, taking Forbes reports into consideration, Apple might unveil the next iPhones after a delay of about a week as expected, and it’s obvious that it will not be revealing the iPhone release date until late August next year.    


Apple Taking Extra Care With iOS 18 Update to Avoid Bugs and Performance Issues

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