Apple Push Firmware Update To 30W / 140W USB-C Power Adapter

Apple has delivered a new firmware update for its 30W and 140W USB-C power adapters. For enhancing the user’s charging experience the brand is rolling out the new firmware update for 30W and 40W USB-C power adapters. Now whenever the users connect to their Mac device along with MagSafe 3 or even USB-C, then the update will start automatically. 

Once the update gets done, the users have the power to open the “system Information” application and tap on the ‘Power’ option to check out the latest version of the update. The brand has pushed out this new firmware update with its installation version number which are as follows – 

  • 30W USB-C – Ver.1030052
  • 140W USB-C – Ver.1040068

Whereas the ID has been upgraded from 0x1674 to 0x7003. However the brand has also given an introduction regarding both of the two products 30W & 40W USB-C power adapter on its official website. 

Regarding the 30W USB-C power adapter, the brand stated that this 30W USB-C power adapter is designed to charge devices too quickly and efficiently. The brand has also recommended using this power adapter for MacBook Air. 

Noticeably it is compatible with any USB-C enabled device, so the users can easily use it on select models of iPhone and iPad Pro to take advantage of its fast charging abilities. 

On the other hand, a 140W USB-C power adapter permits the users to charge fast enough and efficiently. It is compatible with most of the USB-C charging cables. The company also recommends using this power adapter for a 16 inch MacBook Pro (2021) along with a USB-C to MagSafe 3 cable for fast charging, which undoubtedly can charge from 0 percent to 50 percent just within 30 minutes. 

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The brand has priced the 30W USB-C power adapter at 249 yuan, and 140W USB-C power adapter is priced at 729 yuan. 

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