Apple Continues Testing iOS 17.2, watchOS 10.2, macOS 14.2, and More with New Betas

A couple of days ago, users witnessed the first iOS 17.2 beta with a number of new features, including Apple’s new Journal app, weather and clock widget for the lock screen, translate option for Action Button, new features to iMessage like Contact Key Verification as well as sticker reactions through tapback menu, collaborative playlists and more to Apple Music, rainbow texts to contact posters, and more. 

Now, Apple has released another beta for iOS users, the iOS 17.2 developer beta 2, which is now available for developers. With so many features introduced within the first beta,  it’s highly expected that the upcoming beta versions could include more enhancements to the Journal app. 

Alongside iOS 17.2 developer beta 2, Apple is experimenting with other developer beta updates, including watchOS 10.2 developer beta, macOS 14.2 Sonoma developer beta, tvOS 17.2 developer beta, and HomePod 17.2 developer beta, respectively. All these betas are now available for the developers. 

In addition, Apple introduced its Journal app at the WWDC 2023 event for the first time. Along with that, the company also informed the users that the Journal app is soon going to be released at the end of this year instead of  making its debut with iOS 17.0 while also including features such as:

 It allows users on-device machine learning that helps in creating personalized suggestions for Journaling within the Journal app; users can include photos, videos, and workouts as well as interactions in the form of prompts. Users can mark the entries as important within the Journal app, interactive prompts will give you the inspiration to write something you love, and the Journal app is very secure as it can be locked and has the ability of end-to-end encryption.  

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