Apple CEO Tim Cook: We’re Taking a ‘Responsible’ Approach to Generative AI

Since the emergence of Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, most individuals have wondered when Apple will introduce its own generative AI. However, several rumors suggest that this might happen next year. By then, Apple CEO Tim Cook had been mentioned a number of times about AI in recent months and has now emphasized that Apple is investing in generative AI. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed during a call with some investors that the brand is currently working on Generative AI. He said that Apple wants to be very responsible towards emerging technology. 

Meanwhile, during the earnings call covering the fourth fiscal quarter of 2023, Apple executives held a question-and-answer session with several analysts and investors. When Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked how Apple might monetize generative AI, he declined to comment. Still, he did say that Apple is “We’re investing quite a bit” in AI and is developing new technologies that include generative AI and will continue to make progress on the product. 

 Interestingly, Apple’s CEO highlighted a number of features within Apple devices, which are shipped with iOS 17 and are based on artificial intelligence as well as machine learning, including Personal Voice, Crash/Fall detection, and ECG in the Apple Watch. But whenever the topic came particularly to generative AI equipments such as ChatGPT, Cook replied, “Obviously, we have work going on”.

Cook quoted, “In terms of generative AI, we have work going on. I won’t get into detail about it because we don’t do that, but you can bet we’re investing. We’re investing quite a bit. We’re going to do it responsibly. You will see product advancements over time where those technologies are at the heart of it”. 

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Although Apple has not given any details about what exactly Apple is doing, it said that the brand wishes to approach its own generative AI responsibly and that customers will be able to see these intuitive technologies becoming the “heart” of future products. 

Furthermore, the Apple CEO stated that Apple plans to be responsible when expanding into generative AI technology, and he has suggested that the features will emerge over time. Recent rumors suggest that Apple is planning some major AI updates for 2024, out of which some may use generative AI. 


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