Apple AirPods Max 2 Rumoured to Launch in 2024

Apple AirPods Max is the current and oldest generation AirPods, which still holds a significant place in Apple’s lineup. It’s been a long time since Apple introduced the AirPods Max three years ago. With that now, several rumours have already became prevalent about Apple planning to bring a successor model next year.

Apple Airpods Max 2 Release Date: Several new reports suggest that Apple has been reportedly planning to introduce a successor model for its AirPods Max over-ear headphones next year. The forthcoming AirPods Max 2 will be unveiled in late 2024 by the brand, according to a report by Mark Gurman.  

Gurman described that Apple might bring a USB-C port, replacing the lightning port in the 2nd generation model of AirPods Max, that is the AirPods Max 2 will have a USB-C to USB-C type charging cable, instead of a lightning to USB-C charging. Through this the brand ensures that the headphones should follow the European Regulations and to bring a uniformity with other Apple products in the lineup. 

For introducing an improved wireless connection reliability as well as energy-efficiency, the AirPods Max 2 might be expected to feature Bluetooth 5.3 version. The significant features of Bluetooth 5.3 includes LE Audio, however, Apple is yet to introduce support for LE Audio in its devices.

Although the rumours also state that the brand can introduce its next AirPods Max 2 with some refreshing new colors. However, the exact colors are yet to be known. 

While, Apple’s U2 Ultra Wideband chip, which can be found in the current iPhone 15 lineup, Apple Watch Series 9 as well as Apple Watch Ultra 2 respectively, alongside allows users the capability for Precision Finding in the Find My app.    

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So by Apple adding the U2 chip to the AirPods Max 2 would enable a much more accurate way of detecting when the over-ear headphones are nearby. 


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