Apple Shifts Focus to 6G Research and Development, Report Say

Apple 6G Research and Development: While 5G is the latest technology, every smartphone manufacturer is rushing towards it in order to bring it into their smartphones as soon as possible. However, 5G is currently supported only in some major countries. There are some reports regarding Apple’s latest step that significantly shifted our attention toward it.

In the meantime, reports are coming out that the Cupertino giant Apple is gearing up for 6G technology while also working with 5G. Apple is significantly giving its major attention to 6G technology.

As per the reports shared by Mark Gurman on X, Apple is currently working on developing its first-ever 5G modem for its cellular models while also continuing to recruit engineers to make 6G. Simultaneously, Gurman also recognized some possible reasons that certainly led to this unnecessary mess regarding Apple’s modem chip:

Apple is in a hurry to finish its modem-related work as soon as possible, as the brand thinks that further delay can lead to its failure. At the same time, modem development is not easy as it requires major testing on a global scale. Finally, Apple might be making a strategy that the introduction of its own modem would significantly offer Apple more control over the technology and bring several enhancements in the performance. 

However, it’s too early to make any comment over Apple’s 6G topic, and also, the 6G standard is not at all expected to arrive till 2030, while it’s not clear at this point how much faster it will be compared to 5G.  
Furthermore, Gurman also stated that a highly specific job listing has appeared on the company’s website, “As a Cellular Platform Architect, you will drive and coordinate the design and modeling of 6G reference architecture. A suitable set of prototype implementations and reference architecture models need to be developed to enable the evaluation of candidate technologies and use cases. In this role, you will plan, drive, and actively participate in these modeling and prototyping activities. You will work cross-functionally with R&D teams to propose, plan, and implement simulations and experiments to evaluate 6G technology candidates!”

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